ASMR Trigger Sounds & ASMR Tingles Sounds In My Future ASMR Roleplays

ASMR Trigger Sounds & ASMR Tingles Sounds In My Future ASMR Roleplays

Hey guys, I hope you’ve all had a great week! I thought I’d share another little update with you here today; talk about one of your questions I’ve been getting a lot lately… I’ve received quite a few requests since I started my channel for traditional ASMR Trigger Sounds & Tingle Inducing Noises in my ASMR Roleplays. Today I’d like to talk a little about my thoughts on this, and the types of triggers I’d like to try this fall.

My Favorite ASMR Triggers & Sounds

Perhaps you can relate; I’ve always had my favorite ASMR Triggers, you know, the ones that give you that fabulous feeling ASMR sensation. Scalp massage, head scratches and hair brushing are the ones that get to me most. I have always loved those, perhaps because they remind me of my grandmother brushing my hair when I was a child. And that was such a pleasant, relaxing experience, I was extremely thrilled to find that audio sounds could elicit those soothing sensations when I first came across ASMR on Youtube several years ago.

ASMR Triggers & Sounds Coming Soon In My Audios

So, in answer to some of your questions; the above listed are my favorite ASMR Triggers and sounds, and I very much enjoy working those into my ASMR Girlfriend Roleplays. However, I’ve also noticed over the course of my experience with my ASMR audios that you guys enjoy other sounds, like coffee cup tapping. Tapping in general actually. Despite the fact that tapping has never been a favorite of mine, I always want to give you guys the sounds that help you relax and destress, so, this past month I included coffee cup tapping sounds in one of my audios, and even tried keyboard clicking, mouse clicking and typing sounds as well! As for more tapping sounds, well, I found those audios rather fun so, I plan to include more tapping sounds in my audios in the near future!

This will include more typing audios, coffee cup tapping using different cups for different sounds, and I even plan to do some other tapping sounds too. I thought this would be excellent for a new “What Is ASMR?” roleplay, where I am explaining the different sounds as I tap on different objects within a girlfriend roleplay.

I also thought that perhaps you may like some window tapping, so I have plans to include this in a “snowstorm” audio where I’m rambling about the winter, snow and snowstorms.

ASMR Head Scratches, Back Scratches, Massage Sounds…

I’ve also got new head scratches, back scratches and back massage sounds for my roleplays this month, so my audios for October should be quite enjoyable if you like these types of ASMR Triggers and sounds.

Now, I’ve seen other ASMRtists using paper crinkling sounds, so I thought that a Christmas present unwrapping audio might be great for the Holiday Season… sounds like a fun roleplay at any rate so, be on the lookout for that sometime around the end of November or beginning of December!

ASMR Blanket Rustling & Clothing Sounds

Many of you have also told me that you love the blanket rustling and clothing rustling sounds in my audios, so I’ve just recently gotten a brand-new, super soft comforter that makes wonderful sounds I think you will enjoy. (And it’s nice and warm so, better sleep for me! lol) I’ll be sure to record some of those sounds and include them in my audios in the near future 😉

Exclusive Skye Vibes Audio Soundscapes

As many of you may already know, I’ve been recording my own soundscapes to enhance the ambiance and immersive quality of my audios since this spring. This started with my “Nocturnal Fun” audio in May, and I’ve recorded a couple other soundscapes for you too, including the “Summer Night” soundscape. Of course, I’ve got lots of soundscapes and background sounds from some of my online resources but, I have found that not only do you guys enjoy my exclusive soundscapes, but I really enjoy recording them for you and working them into my ASMR roleplay audios.

I was really hoping to get my own thunderstorm soundscape for you this summer, but alas, it was not meant to be this year I guess. I experienced a lot of thunderstorms myself, and thought of you guys every time but, naturally, never had my recording equipment handy when these wonderful storms occurred. Figures but, I’ll be sure to get a great thunderstorm soundscape for you next spring or summer. In the meantime, you guys have been enjoying the thunderstorm and rain soundscapes I already have so, those should tide us over until the next thunderstorm season comes around.

I also got some of my own real owl sounds in my spring night soundscape, some of you commented that you really enjoyed that one. And I’ll see what I can do to catch more sounds like that next year. Some of you have asked after a city soundscape, and I’ll be working on getting that recorded for you as soon as possible!

So, I guess that’s about all I have for you on this ASMR Soundscapes & Other ASMR Trigger Sounds guys. I certainly plan to keep the good vibes and tingles on tap for you throughout the year, and I’m excited to watch our community grow, get to share all the fun I can with you! I’ll be sure to share more information with you in the near future so, be sure to keep an eye on my blog here, join me over at Patreon, and over on YouTube for more of the audios you love!

Take care, rest well, enjoy the autumn season… All my best guys,


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    Peter The Pumpkin Eater October 13, 2018 at 5:01 am

    Awesome! Thank you for the update Skye. Looking forward to it. Much Love

    • Hey! Thanks for visiting and joining me for the update here Peter 😉 It’s great to hear from you! Have a great weekend; looking forward to it as always…

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