My Most Popular ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay Audios

My Most Popular ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay Audios

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful fall thus far! So, I’ve been getting lots of feedback on my Google form recently. A lot of you have been weighing in on your favorite sounds, soundscapes, sharing your requests and suggestions with me, and I have noticed a few of you asking what my most popular ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay audios of all time have been. Well, so far anyway 😉

So, because you asked, I thought I’d give you a list of those here. Keep in mind that I started my channel on December 1st 2017 so, lol not an awful lot of audios just yet. However, these are the ones you guys seemed to enjoy most…

ASMR Kissing & Cuddles Falling Asleep On Top Of You ~ Girlfriend Roleplay Thunderstorm & Rain

This is the audio you see at the top of this post; you can listen by clicking on the arrow… but just in case, >>Click Here<<

This audio was published to YouTube for the very first time on February 10th, 2018, and it’s my top viewed audio to date. I’m not sure what made it so popular with you guys but, I can tell you that kissing, cuddles, falling asleep on top of you and my thunderstorm soundscape seem to be the most popular elements of any of my audios so, I can only speculate that these sounds are what made this audio your most loved favorite.

ASMR Thunderstorm Soundscapes

It seems that thunderstorm soundscapes are very popular during the winter and, hey, I certainly can’t blame you. I miss the soothing sounds of a good thunderstorm all winter as well. I mean really miss it. In the dead, cold of winter, the sound of a refreshing thunderstorm can mean the difference between my going stark raving crazy with cabin fever, unable to get a wink of sleep, and drifting off almost as soon as my head hits the pillow so, I hope it’s like that for you too!

Aside from the soft sounds of rain and rolling thunder, I also miss that wonderfully sweet scent of rain that comes after the storm is over. As many of you may know, that’s probably my most favorite scent in the whole world. In fact, it is my opinion that someone should figure out a way to bottle that smell, well, and actually have it smell like the real thing. I’m not overly fond of any of the so called “rain scented” perfumes or air fresheners on the market. They smell like someone who’s never smelled real rain before in their lives must have formulated them. But I digress… even though you can’t actually enjoy the scent of rain when you listen to my audios, I’m pretty sure that you guys get the same affect from listening to a thunderstorm as I do, which is to say you can almost smell the rain. I certainly hope so anyway.

Friends To Lovers ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay Love Confession With Rain And Thunderstorm Sounds

Next, not much of a surprise here but, most of the remaining audios at the top of the list here are “Friends To Lovers” audios. These are generally the most popular audios I have on my channel…

ASMR Friends To Lovers Sweet Love Confession Girlfriend Roleplay (Cuddles) (First Kiss)

ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay Friends To Lovers The Morning After (Kissing Sounds & Cuddling in Bed)

Friends To Lovers ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay ~ Sleepy Kisses Confession (Thunderstorm) (Tingles)

I must admit, there is an exciting element to the beginning of a relationship that probably makes these types of audios popular. I get it; the racing heartbeat, the “newness” of it all, the way you just can’t seem to take your eyes off each other, can’t go two seconds without each other’s touch. That feeling that all is right with the world may possibly be experienced most at the beginning of a relationship, but as great as that is, it’s not my favorite.

Hopeful Romantic…

Yeah, it’s no secret that I personally favor the idea of a relationship wherein that amazing feeling, that exciting connection, never fades. A relationship where kissing and cuddling up with a special someone is a common, everyday occurrence, yet always remains just as enchanting, just as fantastic as when the relationship was new. Most especially, with another like minded human that I can trust with all my heart. Call me naive, call me crazy if you want but, I know it’s out there, for all of us, somewhere. So, I’m more partial to scenarios where the sensation of feeling comfortable and secure in knowing that someone loves me with their whole heart, that they are in for the long haul for no other reason than just because they want to be, is alive and well. Just my personal preference but, I also think that there exists a kind of relationship where those sparks that usually accompany new relationships at the start, can remain strong throughout a life time together. Either way, those warm, delightful thoughts sure do have a way of giving you the tingles!

ASMR First Kisses Are Still Awesome Though…

So, still, I do love creating Friends To Lovers audios for you guys, because I know you enjoy them so much. And so, I’ll certainly be making more of these for you in the future. And since you also enjoy “First Time” audios, I’ll be doing more of those as well. Many months ago, a friend of mine suggested a “Firsts Series”, which I’m keen to get to work on as soon as possible. And many of you have agreed, things like “First Grocery Shopping Trip Together”, “Planning Our First Vacation Together”, “Our First Dance”, scenarios like that would be great to hear. So, I’ve got some ideas I hope you guys will enjoy but, lol no spoilers, so we’ll move on…

ASMR Kissing & Cuddles By The Fireplace ~ Girlfriend Roleplay (Rain & Thunderstorm)

Yes, I do love you guys! I love that you love the rain and thunderstorm soundscape as much as I do. And of course, cuddles by the fireplace are popular too. I mean, who wouldn’t love that? With this in mind, and the fact that I absolutely love creating these because I get to listen to that soothing soundscape while I’m editing the audios, I’ve been creating fall audios with this soundscape theme again recently this fall. And there are more on the way so, enjoy guys!

ASMR Roleplay Girlfriend Gives You Back Shoulder Massage In Bed Taking Care Of You When You Are Sick

Oh boy, do I remember this one; lol it was my very first shoulder massage audio, and I was so worried I was gonna totally mess it up and you guys wouldn’t like it. Seems silly now but, I was quite concerned that my ASMR massage sounds left much to be desired. Guess it’s a good thing I went ahead and clicked the publish button on this one huh?

ASMR Massage sounds always caused loads of tingles for me. I’ve gotten so many hours of sleep from those sounds, lol I think I’d have died from lack of sleep, or at the very least been so sleep deprived I’d have been hallucinating without them. I am especially partial to scalp massage, hair brushing and head scratching sounds, and I see you guys are too.

So, definitely more of those on the way! I’m super excited to keep perfecting my ASMR Massage sounds. Although lol the scalp massage audio from this spring just about did me in; I kept nodding off to my own scalp massage sounds, about face planted into my laptop so many times I’m amazed I ever got that one edited. So, I rather sabotaged myself, my own scalp massage sounds made it really difficult to get that one edited. And, nothing has changed. I will admit that these audios, despite the fact that they should be less time consuming to edit, take 10 times as long because I have a tough time staying awake 😉 But no worries, I’ll deal with it in order to help you guys relax and get some good rest! Helping you fall asleep is what I love most about creating my audios, so, I’ll just be sure to have plenty of coffee on hand when editing those!

When I first started my channel, I could have no idea just how much relaxation and sleep you guys would get, simply by listening to my audios. Sure, I knew other ASMRtists had succeeded in helping others sleep with their audios, but, I never imagined that my audios could have a similar affect. Imagine my surprise when I discovered those views and comments just piling up, you guys telling me how much you appreciated my audios because you would just zonk right out before you even got through the whole audio… well, I was floored then, and I’m still surprised to this day. And nothing makes me happier, nothing helps me sleep better at night than drifting off to sleep knowing that you guys are doing the same with the aid of my audios. It’s such a wonderful feeling, knowing I’m helping thousands of people get some good rest every night, there’s just nothing like it!

With this in mind, I’ve created some new ASMR Massage sounds for you recently. So if you love those sounds, be sure to check those out on my channel. Who knows, this time next year, they may very well be some of my most popular audios then too. And I’ll definitely be doing more ASMR Massage Roleplays here and there throughout the year!

Okay guys, I think I’ve rambled on enough for now. I hope you enjoyed this list of my most popular ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay audios, and I hope you will take a few minutes out of your day to go check these out if you haven’t already. And if you have, that’s the great part about ASMR Audios, the replays, so I hope you’ll have another listen! Take care, rest well… all my best everyone…





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