Directory Of Patreon Audios

➜ 6hr Hypnotic Kisses & Cuddles – Sweet Dreams & Tingles + Ear To Ear “I Love You Baby”

➜ 6hr ASMR Playing Pool With You + Making Out & Falling Asleep

➜ 6hr. Making Up After Our First Fight ~ Kisses, Cuddles & Sensual Fun With The Edible Massage Oil + Falling Asleep With You Cloud 9 Audio

➜ 6hr. Falling Asleep With Your Head On My Chest (No Heartbeat) Kisses & Cuddles +Sleepy Breathing

 6hr. Evening of Sweet Distractions For Stress Relief – LOADS Of Kisses & Cuddles & Tingles + Sleepy Breathing

 Kisses & Cuddles ~ 1hr Falling Asleep On Top Of You (Sleep Triggers + Ambient Water)

➜ 6hr. Friends To Lovers – Love Confession @The Hot Springs + An Evening Together ~ Dinner, Shower, Falling Asleep by The Fire & Waking Up Ending

➜ 6hr. Sweet Distraction For Stress Relief – LOADS Of Kisses & Cuddles + Sensual & Sleepy Breathing Cloud 9 Audio

➜ 6hr Stress Relief & Relaxation + Falling Asleep On Top Of You (Sleep Triggers)

➜ “Tickle War” Extended: Ear To Ear Slow Sensual + Falling Asleep On Top Of You Cloud 9 Audio

➜ Moving In – Waking Up To Your Sweet, Romantic Note

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