Skye Vibes Audio YouTube Tribe Christmas Party – Sat Dec. 22nd @ 8pm (MDT)

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce that we’ll be having our

****1st Annual SVA YouTube Tribe Christmas Party, Saturday, Dec. 22nd @ 8pm (MDT)***

>>Click Here<< To Register & Reserve Your Seat Now!!

Having just enjoyed an evening of fun and games with some of you at last night’s live stream, it seems like such a long time to go before we meet up for more fun again but, lol it’s actually less than two weeks away, so I guess I can deal 😉

What Are SVA Live Streams All About?

Loads of fun, that’s what! But, for those of you who don’t quite get what an SVA Tribe Live Stream is… it pretty much consists of a bunch of us hanging out together online, talking, laughing and playing in browser games together.

I know, a bit of a far stretch for an ASMRist right? I mean, you all know me as that soothing voice you listen to every day on YouTube, and it’s hard to imagine what we’d get up to at a live stream that wouldn’t put you straight to sleep.

Well, funny as it may sound, the live streams work out great; everyone always has a great time. We all get to blow off some steam, have some good laughs… it’s a great way to spend a few hours, and I could not be happier, because that’s what I started the live streams for!

So basically, when you join me for an SVA Live Stream, you’ll hear my voice as it sounds when I’m having fun, joking around, hanging out with friends… because I am hanging out with friends 😉

You see, I started my audios on YouTube to help you guys kick back, relax and relieve the stress of the day, or life. To help you feel cared for and provide some emotional support. 

And that’s why I figured the live streams would be a great fit; it’s the same thing there only, it’s just me being… me. And we are having fun talking and relieving stress together, as a group, being supportive of each other, which is amazing!

Who Are SVA Live Streams For?

EVERYONE! Lol We have people from all over the world joining us at SVA live streams, from the US and Europe, to New Zealand, Australia and Brazil… it’s so awesome to get to sit and enjoy time together having fun, just a bunch of online friends hanging out, for me anyway, it’s like a dream come true.

And it’s not just for guys either, we have women join us too… everyone is welcome to come enjoy the fun at SVA Live Streams!

So, regardless of your gender, those of you who have enjoyed the live streams have told me that it’s pretty much one the best ways to spend a few hours of your weekend evening that you’ve come across in quite some time…

Because there’s no reason to sit at home alone and be lonely, with all that stress closing in on you, when you can come enjoy some time among friends! 

And, if you want more live stream time, you might also be interested to know that we have live streams over on Patreon as well. It’s called the “SkyeStream” Tier, and we have a lot of fun at those live streams twice a month too!

Okay so, hopefully that helps you get a better idea of what SVA Live Streams are, why I started getting us together for them, and what to expect. If you have any questions you are always welcome to ask in the comments section of this post, over on my community tab on my YouTube channel, or over on my Patreon. I’m always happy to respond as quickly as I can. 

But, one of the best ways to find out what SVA Live Streams are all about is to simply JOIN US for one, come hang out and have some fun! So, I hope to see you at our Christmas Live Stream Party Sat. Dec. 22nd! 

Jic, again, here’s that link to >>To Register & Reserve Your Seat Now!<<

Oh and, be sure to SHARE THIS POST with anyone you think would like to attend ~ remember, everyone is welcome to come join the fun!

Okay guys, take care, and rest well. Sending positive, happy vibes your way along with all my best always guys! Merry Christmas!!

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