What ASMR Sounds Would You Like To Hear On SVA This Spring?

What ASMR Sounds Would You Like To Hear On SVA This Spring?

Hey guys! So, I put up a post about this over on YouTube as well but, thought I would try to spread this message around a bit more by posting this to my blog, and my Patreon. It’s that time of year… cabin fever, getting the urge to do something a little different, change things up a bit and I’m wondering; What ASMR Sounds Would You Like To Hear On SVA This Spring?

And while we are at it, talking about ASMR Sounds here, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite audios from 2018 with you too. These are audios that included some pretty complex soundscapes, like cooking sounds, and took some work to edit so, I thought you might enjoy a little nostalgic sharing today too 😉 So, here we go…

ASMR Sounds Incorporated Into My Roleplays

I would like to know what sounds you guys would like to hear this spring. You know, like the coffee cup tapping, clothing rustling and stuff like that, which I have always used in my ASMR Girlfriend Roleplays. I use these sounds to increase the immersive affects of my audios, to help make you feel “in the moment” for more relaxing affect. And you guys tell me it works quite well all the time in comments. I get it; you enjoy the sensation of someone being there, just doing what one would normally do during the day. I like those too, it’s relaxing, comforting to feel that sense of companionship.

The sounds of watching movies together went over very well too. I did an audio back in November with a “taking care of me” theme where we were watching an action movie. And you guys seemed to enjoy this…

Just, I’m thinking it would be great to try some new things out this year, you know?

I was thinking like, well, some of you have requested soda can opening sounds, and the sounds of the soda in the can. Maybe being poured into a glass and then record those sounds too? I see why, I did try a test recording of this and it sounds AWESOME! I had no idea it would sound so good when recorded up close lol

I was wondering if it’s too late to do a present unwrapping audio? I was thinking of a “I missed you” theme roleplay where the listener was away for Christmas, and when they return home we unwrap the presents we had for each other. I would record my unwrapping, do some box tapping and some sounds like that… how does that sound? If you want to weigh in on this just leave your comment in the comments section of this post.

There’s Nothing That Sucks More For An ASMR Roleplay Artist Than Having A Cold…

But, lol this bug I caught for Christmas is backing off a bit now and I’m dying to get back to recording. So I’ll be working on that here very soon. Probably a great time for some “taking care of me” audios. My voice is scratchy so, I’m thinking that just like last winter, I’ll just roll with it. Lol might as well, and you guys seem to enjoy those types of audios. So those are on the way… but of course, share your thoughts on this if you like!

ASMR Soundscapes For Relaxation…

I have recorded several of my own nature soundscapes, and some of my own household sounds this year, like the ambient water, and night sounds I got for you last spring (2018). And I also got some of my own city sounds this fall. I’m not sure if you would be interested but, how about some audios with just sleep breathing sounds over those soundscapes? Since no one else has these, and you seem to enjoy them in roleplays, I thought you might like some audios with no talking, just sleeping and soundscape… you game for that?

Either way, I’m going to do my level best to record my own Thunderstorm Sounds as soon as those wonderful storms come around again this spring. And I’ll try to get you some Thunderstorm sounds from the mountains… the storms are so close over head up there, with the outdoor sounds included in surround sound, omg I’m betting you would love that! The sound the rain makes when it falls through the pines, and hits the Aspen leaves and brush on the ground is heavenly. Well, to my way of thinking anyway lol So, I’ll do my best. I think I have a plan rigged up so my laptop won’t get wet, and I can get those for you so, stay tuned lol

Sound Of Pouring Coffee & Mixing You A Cup

Yeah, you know I love my coffee. And I know you guys like it too. So, I have these sounds recorded and I plan on using them in a roleplay sometime soon! I got some really great sounds of a coffee maker, and I mess around and did a lengthy coffee pouring in a ceramic cup, stirring in creamer and sugar for you. We’ll try that sometime soon and see how that goes over. Any suggestions on background soundscape selections are welcome 😉

ASMR Blanket Sounds For Sleep Triggers

Also, a lot of you LOVE my blanket sounds. And I don’t blame you at all. Man, editing those audios is difficult. Well, the editing is easy it’s staying awake that’s tough. But lol I can deal to get you guys such wonderful sleep triggers! Interested in an audio that’s pretty much just blanket sounds? Maybe with a Thunderstorm soundscape or something?

I have been testing out different blankets for sounds all year, and this new comforter and sheets I just go this fall sound AWESOME when I record them. So, I’ll try some more of those sounds for you. Any suggestions as to the role play content I might use would be most appreciated, it’s great to hear what you guys would like to hear me talk about.

ASMR Head Tingles ~ Sounds & Voice Triggers You Love…

So, I know a lot of you find my voice soothing. And I’m seriously very happy that this is the case; I’m glad you enjoy listening to my audios 😉 If you have any phrases you would like to hear (within reason of course) I’d be happy to add those to my list. Just let me know here and I’ll see what I can do. Same goes for sounds like yawning, stuff like that, just let me know. I’m always happy to help you guys feel comforted and relaxed when ever I can 🙂

So, the term “Head Tingles”, it’s what people have been using to refer to the sensation you get from ASMR. That tingly sensation that starts on your scalp and runs down the back of your neck… if you are lucky enough to get ASMR like I do, it spreads out over your shoulders and down the top of your back like warm honey being drizzled over you. Sort of like a nice, warm shower or something like that as well.

But I digress… I know a lot of you get ASMR from my audios, and I’d love to hear what sounds give you that sweet ASMR tingles sensation. So if it’s a sound that makes your scalp, neck and shoulders tingle, if it gives you ASMR, please do let me know what that sound is. I’m looking to include all my best sounds in audios for you this spring!

Exploring New ASMR Sounds For My Audios

I’ve also been planning on getting back to cooking sounds. It’s just that those sounds are so much more difficult to set up and edit. But, I know you all enjoyed the audio from last spring where I cooked steak and potatoes at the cabin….

A lot of you said you liked the sound of the kitchen sink running, and the sounds of dishes and silverware clanking around in that one. I’m planning to do a remix of this one with snow storm and fire sounds because that sounds soooo cozy, something I’d love to do. The thought of cooking dinner for someone special all warm and cozy with a cheerful fire… man, perfect! Yeah, sounds like a plan. Anyway…  you enjoyed when I cooked you breakfast as well…

You guys said you enjoyed the sounds of veggies being cut, and the sound of food frying in the skillet. So I’ll certainly work on more of those for this spring too!

Okay so, I’ve rambled on enough about ASMR Sounds for spring audios here guys. Just wanted to touch bases and give you a chance to let me know what you might like to hear so, if you want, be sure to let me know What ASMR Sounds You Would Like To Hear On SVA This Spring!

Happy New Year Everyone! Take care and have an amazing week, and I’ll see you again tomorrow for another audio 😉

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