What’s Up For August At Skye Vibes Audio

Hey guys! So, I’ve been spending my time working on plans for the fall, the website here, and making some changes to my Patreon I think you will really like…

YouTube Audios

I’ve got a lot of your requested ASMR Roleplays and suggestions on my list. And, I’ll be adding a few of my own projects I know you will enjoy; a vampire girlfriend series for Halloween, more guitar/rambles/kisses and cuddles roleplays, and I’ll be doing more relaxation meditations to help you relax and get to sleep for better rest. You know I love that 😉 So, with the exception of a few more I’m working on, that’s pretty much what you’ll be seeing for audios on YouTube over the next couple of months. Then I’ll move to some Holiday surprises for you, omg I’m sooooo excited for that so, I’m excited to see you around the channel this fall.


Gonna be making a few changes to the descriptions for the levels over on Patreon this next week. I’ve been in touch with my interactive guys a lot and I think what we’ve come up with is going to be great. More details on that later or, you can keep an eye out for those changes on Patreon soon.

Here On SkyeVibesAudio.com

As previously planned, I’ll be keeping you up to date on the goings ons around our channel and Patreon.


I’ll also finally be able to accept your generous donations here on the site via secure encrypted server and the super safe, mobile friendly Shopify app. I know a lot of you have so kindly offered to help support me and our community, and I’m appreciative of any donations you would like to provide to help me keep creating the audios you love, and enjoy our live streams!

Okay so, that’s about it for now everyone! Hope you are enjoying your summer and have a great week 🙂 And I’ll be talking with you again soon!


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